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It is difficult to explain all the countries of the world in just a few lines but each of them has something different to offer and many offer special sensations that only a guide or a sunrise or a hotel room can offer. Our experts will be able to help you both in your regular program and in customized itineraries, adjusting to the days available or your budget. A travel advisor will be correctly informing you of all the possible options from restaurants, shopping areas or the best places you can not miss from your destination.

Each country has something special, its cultural areas, beaches, modernity, mini cruises, and this is what we seek to show you with our itineraries, specially adapted so that you can fully enjoy your chosen destination.

We will make a global division by continents:

- Africa: Africa is a contrast between nature, breathtaking landscapes, ancient legends and the most fascinating fauna. Accommodations in basic cabins up to 4 room accommodations only accessible by light aircraft. Great difference between the north, with its large expanses of desert, to the south with its savannas and mountain ranges that hide Gorilla families. Dive with sharks in the south, see migrations in the Okavango, Kruger, Serengeti or Ngorongoro, legends of the Queen of Sheba or Cleopatra. It is one of the least explored continents and the one that offers the most surprises. Know the itineraries in this destination and enjoy Africa!

- America: We can find a great variety of landscapes from the North to the South of America, with perpetual ice to deserts in the Mexican and southern areas of the USA. Above all, the Andes, which travel a good part of South America, with its multitude of volcanoes and its cultural populations, many of them, a World Heritage Site. It is an area with an average tourism although some of the destinations are widely visited as is the case of USA, Mexico or beach areas such as Dominican Republic or Cuba. There is much cultural offer with colonial and pre-Columbian remains such as the Mayans and Incas. We also find even remains of the Tainos in Caribbean areas. The presence of new destinations such as the case of Panama or Colombia that, until 14 years ago, were destinations with very little tourism stand out. The security and the expansion of tourist resources are allowing the continuous growth of these areas. Enjoy America with its great variety and possibilities!!

- Asia: It is the largest continent and also the one that has a better quality-price ratio due to its investments in infrastructures that have allowed having new accommodations at much more accessible prices. Each country shows us very remarkable differences of both nature and culture. Giant countries such as India or China are so different from North to South that there are many attractions available. Safaris with Bengal lions, World Heritage temples, impressive beaches in the Maldives, The Great Wall of China, Angkor ... There are many options to make a mix of cultural trips with stays on beaches and learn a little more about each one. the Asian countries. Anyway, it is a large continent and the most populated of them all, so be prepared to travel and take flights to be able to move around it. Enjoy your stay in Asia!

- Europe: It is called the Old Continent and has many cultural possibilities, beach stays with its Mediterranean Sea, its offer of snow mainly with the Alps and, of course, its gastronomic offer. Although our advice is to visit each one of the countries because they have many differences among themselves but you can join several within the European Union that will allow us to discover treasures totally different from one another: stroll through the center of Paris, see the change of the Guard in Buckingham Palace, contemplate the Berlin graffiti, a gondola ride in Venice, sunrise in Santorini, an unforgettable concert in Vienna,... These are just some of the many attractions that you can not miss while traveling through this continent. Also, helped in most of this territory by a single currency that will allow you not to worry about banking changes: the Euro. Each country will transport you to museums with great artists, palaces, cathedrals, etc. And all with great security that will even make the rental of a vehicle comfortable to be able to move from one place to another. Enjoy Europe with itineraries that allow you to see cities with a great history!!

- Oceania: Within this continent there are 2 countries that are the most visited mainly: New Zealand and Australia. In both, it is advisable, mainly, to travel by car or even in Caravan Auto that can give you a better knowledge of the destination. Long stays are recommended to fully understand the attractiveness of both countries: Australia will force you to take flights to get from one area to another or even visit the Great Barrier Reef or one of the archipelagos of Papua New Guinea; On the other hand, in New Zealand you will be able to admire the landscapes that we all know from films in which the great diversity of the country is appreciated. Prepare your visit time in advance to not forget any attraction of the area to visit and ... Enjoy Australia!!